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  • 2021 ROUSH Vehicle Wheel & Tire Specifications

    Do you own a 2021 ROUSH Production vehicle and you're curious what wheel size and/or tires are on your vehicle? Look no further! We have compiled all of the wheel and tire specs for each 2021 ROUSH production vehicle below. Engineered and tested to tighter standards than required, each ROUSH wheel and tire combination are designed, computer-simulated and then physically tested to ensure conformance to ROUSH’s standards. Why? The wheel and tire are the vehicle’s connection to the world, transferring all... continue reading
  • Introducing the ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit!

    The ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit has arrived! Traditionally we have assembled our vehicles here at Livonia, MI. but for the Ford Bronco, we are trying something a bit different. Each Bronco R Series Kit can be shipped to your local authorized ROUSH Dealer or to your front door!  The ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit fits all 2021 Ford Broncos equipped with the 2.3L or 2.7L powertrain. This includes all trim levels and chassis configurations (2-door or 4-door) What does... continue reading
  • Don't leave a mark at Roush, leave a dent! Explore new job opportunities

    Roush is searching for motivated individuals to join Team Roush. We have several opportunities available for those of you who would like to join our team of innovators, thinkers, dreamers and doers. The opportunities are endless! Some of our job opportunities include working on projects such as, building high-performance vehicles, autonomous and electric vehicles, theme park rides and even space exploration. Are you ready to leave a dent at Roush? Visit, roush.com/join-our-team to learn more about a career at Roush... continue reading
  • ROUSH Active Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber Spoiler | Everything you need to know

    In 2020, we debuted the Jack Roush Edition Mustang which was the fastest Mustang we had ever produced. Under the hood, was a ROUSHcharged 5.0L engine that produced a heart-throbbing, 775 horsepower, and featured an Active Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler which has never been seen on a Mustang before. The Active Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler is controlled via the ROUSH Performance Active Exhaust module, dependant on speed/knob location it functions as follows: Touring mode: The spoiler stays DOWN... continue reading
  • ROUSH Owner Spotlight - Brian Pinter (JackHammer Owner's Group)

    From time to time we like to highlight some unique stories that we come across. Brian Pinter recently attended our 25th Anniversary ROUSH Road Crew Homecoming (link to event recap blog) event in Michigan where he told us all about his story and what he's been doing with the ROUSH JackHammer Owner's Group. Brian’s story begins in August 2010 with his Sunset Gold Mustang GT Premium. He visited ROUSH Performance in August 2011 and took a tour of our assembly... continue reading

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