Don't Call it a Comeback ...

For years, ROUSH Performance has used our blog to keep our customers informed, educated and entertained. In case you couldn’t already tell by the fact that you are reading this, as of today the ROUSH Performance blog is officially back by popular demand and better than ever.

As with all things we do here at ROUSH, relaunching the blog has been something that we have thought through carefully – we want to make sure we are providing our readers with the information they want most. With this is mind, we wanted to outline exactly how we plan to use this channel going forward, both to let readers know what they can expect but also so you can let us know if there is something you would like to learn. After all, this platform is for you as much as it is for us, and we believe leaning on that relationship will help us transform this blog into something that is dually beneficial.

What readers can expect:

Expert Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re talking about our engineers or the shop team that assembles our world-class vehicles on site, there is no shortage of automotive expertise here in Plymouth, Michigan. Now, with the relaunch of the blog, readers will have access to that wealth of knowledge. Customers and fans can look forward to reading expert tips and tricks on how best to care for ROUSH serialized vehicles and parts from engineers, assemblers, mechanics and even Jack Roush Jr.

Event Recap

As you may know, there are countless events that the ROUSH Performance team attends throughout a given year. While we always appreciate the support we get from the folks there, we know it isn’t feasible to attend every event across the country. We work hard to give our social media followers a high-level overview of the events. Now, with the relaunch of the blog, we will be able to give readers a more in-depth look at what makes these events so cool. By exploring events deeper, we intend to supply readers with information they may find useful when deciding whether or not to attend an event in the future. Additionally, these events are really awesome, and we are excited to dive into the details that don’t fit in a 280-character limit.

Product Launches

Believe it or not, when an organization is as obsessed with innovation as we are, there are going to be a lot of really amazing, new products. Going forward, we want to make sure we use this blog to educate users on new vehicle and product launches throughout the year. While our website and social media platforms keep fans informed, the blog will give us a chance to really take a comprehensive look at these products and explore them in a way that hasn’t previously been done.

Along with the aforementioned topics, readers can expect to see all sorts of new and exciting stories. Make sure to check back regularly and follow ROUSH Performance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for updates. As always, thank you for your continued support and for being a part of #TeamROUSH!

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ROUSH Performance
ROUSH Performance
ROUSH Performance, a division of Roush Enterprises, designs, engineers and manufactures completely assembled pre-titled vehicles, aftermarket performance parts, and superchargers for the global performance enthusiast market. Based in Plymouth Township, Michigan, ROUSH Performance was founded in 1995 by motorsports legend Jack Roush.
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